What is Delayed Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation (DE) is a condition where it takes an extended period of sexual stimulation for men to reach sexual climax and ejaculate. Some men with DE are unable to ejaculate at all.

Delayed ejaculation can be temporary or a lifelong problem.

Possible causes of DE include certain chronic health conditions, surgeries and medications, and treatment for it depends on the underlying cause.

It’s normal for men to have delayed ejaculation from time to time and it is only a problem if it’s ongoing or causes stress for you or your partner.

A physical exam and medical history are needed to be able to recommend treatment for delayed ejaculation, and Precision clinic is a good place to start.

Delayed ejaculation is a potentially treatable condition at our London men’s sexual health centre. We can help.

Symptoms of Delayed Climax

Some men with delayed ejaculation need 30 minutes or more of sexual stimulation to have an orgasm and ejaculate. Some men can only ejaculate with manual or oral stimulation. Other men might not be able to ejaculate at all (anejaculation).

But, there’s no specific time that indicates a diagnosis of DE. Instead, you are probably experiencing it if the delay is causing distress or frustration, or if you have to stop sexual activity due to fatigue, physical irritation, loss of erection or a request from your partner.

Often, men might have difficulty reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse or other sexual activities with a partner. Some men can ejaculate only when masturbating.

Treatment is important because delayed ejaculation can cause:

  • Diminished sexual pleasure for you and your partner.
  • Stress or anxiety about sexual performance.
  • Marital or relationship problems due to an unsatisfactory sex life.
  • Inability to get your partner pregnant (male infertility).
Delayed ejaculation is divided into the following types based on symptoms:
These categories help in diagnosing an underlying cause and determining what might be the most effective treatment.
A better erection can help make the overall treatment for delayed ejaculation more effective. We can help.

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Delayed Ejaculation Causes

DE can result from medications, certain chronic health conditions and surgeries. Or it might be caused by substance misuse or a mental health concern, such as depression, anxiety or stress. In many cases, it is due to a combination of physical and psychological concerns.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatments

DE treatment options include:

Additional Therapies